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Scrapbooking Studio ~ Moline, IL

I taught classes at Scrapbooking Studio in Moline, IL on Sunday.  What a GREAT store!!  So much fun stuff. It was hard for me to get out of there. lol
What was even better about the store was the FABULOUS staff and the FANTASTIC customers.  I had so much fun.

Thank you to everyone who took the classes and for making our day so WONDERFUL!

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A Day with Daisy Lane…

We spent all Day Saturday with Karen and her crew over at Daisy Lane in Mattoon, Il(Matt-Toon). Let me tell you it was an unexpected surprise. We knew it would be big but big does not quite describe this store. Daisy Lane is a beautiful country store filled with aisle after aisle of scrapbooking and craft goodies. along with a whole craft area of booths packed with beautiful handcrafted items.  As I travel around the country I am so lucky to be able to meet so many new people and see such unique stores in each town. Thanks Again to Daisy Lane for having me at the store for a day of inky fun!

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And Away I go….

Hard to believe I leave in just a few days I leave to start my July teaching tour in Illinois and Wisconsin.  If you are looking for an inky good time and I am in your area just click the calendar tab and you can see all the store and class info.
July 7 – Daisy Lane – Mattoon, Il
July 8 – The Scrapbooking Studio – Moline, Il
July 9 – The Scrapbooking Studio – Bloomington, Il
July 10 – The Paper Chalet – Monroe, Wi
July 12 – The Memory Bank – Baraboo, Wi
July 14 – Creative Cuts and Crafts – Elmhurst, Il
July 15 – Polkadots and More. Mukwonago, Wi
I am looking forward to meeting everyone..

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Time Flies

We always hear the phrase … time flies. You sort of pass it off as a cliche and go on with your business.

This school year was a big year in my house.

My youngest daughter is moving on to middle school

My youngest son is moving on to high school
My middle daughter just graduated high school.

UGH…where did the time go?

Congratulations my beautiful children. You guys rocked it!!! I can’t wait to see where the future takes you!!
I love you more than life!!!

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do not drive and read this one…

You might just end up in an accident, so pull over first. Are you are pulled over and sitting down? My class calendar is up to date through August and I am committed to keeping it up to date. I may need a little help from a friend but it will get done!

So far in July, I will be in Mattoon, IL, Bloomington, IL, Moline, IL, Monroe, WI, Baraboo, WI, Elmhurst, IL, Mukwonago, WI, and hoping to be in Cedar Rapids, IA and Fon Du Lac, Wi as well. Will update the calendar as I finalize with each store.

Have tons of classes being scheduled for a 9 day teaching tour going through Louisiana, Alabama, Texas and maybe even Arkansas.  I am so looking forward to seeing past students as well as meeting new ones. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to teach at so many amazing stores and look forward to meeting each and everyone of you.

If you have any recommendations on where you would like to see me next just drop an email to

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to blog or not to blog

that seems to be the question today.

I originally created my blog for my own personal use and as time went by and my teaching grew, my blog evolved. It became work related as well as personal. I like having a place to come to vent if necessary, say what i feel, think what i think, post about classes etc… All without having to worry about being judged or having to explain what i meant or what i said or the context of any given situation.

I don’t want a second blog.

I like my blog.

I like my site.

I like I like I like

so for now, it is what it is.

I am who i am

It doesn’t affect who i am or how i teach

I am who i am

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is what life is.

Everything goes along wonderfully and then out of the blue BAM! Something knocks you down. I’ve learned over the years that you just stand up, dust yourself and move on. It’ll be ok.

I can take the knocks.

Even the knocks that come from your own family. Your own children none the less.

But i’m a survivor and I will be ok.  I’m not here to be their friend, i’m here to raise them to be productive members of society and good people.

So F em if they can’t take a joke!!!

Karma is a bitch

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yes i suck at blogging

I try.

Really i do.

I suck at it but really…its my blog and i’ll blog if i want to 🙂

What’s new?



Teaching like crazy and loving every minute of it.  As a matter of fact I’m headed to Florida on the 13th for another whirlwind tour. Then i think i’m off for a month or so until my really big trip in Chicago in July. So if you’re in Florida and you want to get your ink on….look a girl up 🙂  My stops are listed under upcoming classes

At the homestead things are about as normal as possible in my life. Ups and downs and round and rounds. 2 of my kids trying to be growed ups…one not doing so well and the other…well…we’ll see.
2 graduations next month. One from high school and one from middle school.  Proud mama!!

Some really cool things in the works, amazing trips in place and lots of creativity.
Could life really get any better?

My first stop in Florida on the 15th is at Paper Niche. I’ll be teaching 2 classes.  Tatttered Tips and Techniques and Creative Canvas.  Here is a sample of one of the classes…

Hope you can come by and play with us! Its going to be a ton of fun.

You can call the store at 954-577-0999 to reserve your spot.

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Creative Retreat!!!

We are SO excited that our Scrapbook Retreat in Italy this September is a GO!

The week of September 15th ~ September 22nd, 2012 is going to be an UNFORGETTABLE week of fun on the shores of beautiful Lake Como!  We will be CREATING gorgeous treasures with our wonderful teachers, enjoying the beautiful sites in and around the Italian Lakes Region, sampling the wonderful flavors of Italian cuisine and relaxing by the lakeside pool of the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni.  And…the GREAT news is that YOU still have time to join us!  We will be taking a few more sign ups until the end of May.  So check out our site at:   for all the details and take a look at the beautiful pictures of this amazing area!  The flights to Milan, Italy are REALLY great right now and I have a discount code for those attending to save you even more!  So feel free to email me with any questions you have at:  We hope to see you there in September!

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oh boy! What a day

we started the day a bit rough. We woke a little late and confused. Daylight savings and crazy alarm clocks and 2 dorky blondes….need i say more?
Got to the airport… dropping luggage.  Skycab chasing us to let us know our trunk was a mere 86 pounds.  damn.  hurry.  rearrange all luggage.  Ok. All 6 bags are now 70lbs each. Hurry.  Get to your gate.  RUNNING to the farthest gate ever made. Closing doors. gave tickets away.  schmooze gate lady…RUNNING to the tarmac to get on plane.  Yes WE were THOSE people.  whew.  short nap.

Omaha!!! now we have our car.  Headed to Oklahoma City.  Don’t ask.

so here we are….

After a full day of driving we made it to Oklahoma City! We will be at Paper Crown (March 13) tomorrow.
If you live in the area you should come and get inky with us!!! Its going to be so much fun!!!
Thelma & Louise…
err….Stayce & Shawna
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