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incredibly proud

I am so very proud of my cousin Jason Bond. He is more like a brother than he ever was a cousin. We spent most of our lives together until he moved away.

He lives in New Jersey now and he is an amazing man. He has been in charge for many years of taking care of the trees that are to be used in the 9/11 memorial at ground zero. He started them from saplings out on some land and has nurtered them into beautiful trees that are now at the site of the memorial.

He has been on the news and interviewed for documentaries. His wife sent this to all of the family and friends…so that we could watch the documentary.

Keep up the good work Jason. I love you and i’m so very proud of you!!!


Just a reminder that Rising: The Rebuilding of Ground Zero <>  will air on the Discovery Channel this evening.  We wish there was no need for this Memorial or this documentary, but we are proud that our family was able to be part of this important, historical project.  The show was interesting last week.  Jason was filmed and interviewed for the documentary, though I am not sure which episode he will be in.

He continues to be interviewed almost daily.  We have no idea when and where these interviews will air (at this point many of the interviewers do not have the information, but are just saying that it will air on the days leading up to 9/11 and during and after the ceremonies on CNN, FOX and several syndicated networks such as ABC, CBS and NBC), but you may just turn on your TV and see him!   

Here is Jason Being interviewed. So proud of him

The Trees from Scott Elliott on Vimeo.

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My first Tattered Tv Webisode

I had my first Tattered Tv Webisode last night. It was sooo much fun!!!

I hope you all had a great time.

thank you so much for coming…


Video streaming by Ustream

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An Artsy Adventure at Sea

I am so excited to be able to finally share with you about: 


Join Nat Kalbach, Stayce DeWid and Trisha Ladouceur for 7 fun filled days at sea in the Western Caribbean!


Please check out our Website and Facebook page for further information and help us spread the word. We hope to see YOU there!



Come and check our website out with more information at
Come and like us on Facebook and spread the word

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Scrapbooking Made Simple – fun classes!!!

I will be teaching 2 NEW fun and fabulous classes at Scrapbooking Made Simple this Sunday August 28th.

The first one is my new Grungy Goodness based on my bucket list. I’ve been wanting to do this album forever and its finally come to life


Then i will be teaching my Blossoming Happiness album done with Pink Paislee’s wood album and tons of fabulous glimmer mist, glam and glaze.


I hope that you will come and join me for one or for both!!!

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New Classes…

i’ve been buried away in my craft room creating new samples for my upcoming classes. Feels good to have a little mojo. I will be updating my sidebar today too with new class dates and locations. I”m kidless for the day (thanks Jessica 🙂  )

here are a couple of classes that i’ve just finished.




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miss you

i miss you more and more each day!

i reach for the phone to call you…

i tried to buy ornaments for you on vacation…

i smile when i see your name pop up on my phone…

i still believe it wasn’t your time…

i also think you did this to help him…

i love you…

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much needed relaxation…

I want to start by saying Thank you to everyone for the prayer and words of kindness over the past 2 weeks. They truly meant a lot.

The 4th of July gave us a much needed break from the past 2 1/2 weeks. We’ve all been so sad and so down that i was afraid we wouldn’t do anything. But i thought Judy would not want it this way so we pressed on.

Every year we do a “block” party and it seems to be growing and growing. This year there were a lot more neighbors and a gazillion kids, just the way i like it. We all rolled out the tables, bbq’s, jumpers, food and drinks and gathered together and celebrated our fabulous country! It was such an awesome day. We were blessed with good weather and beautiful day.

Here are a few highlights of our day…


269602_1956574551629_1160696775_31771540_4850816_n my house
270592_1956572151569_1160696775_31771532_1402785_n-1 my daughter Jessa261652_1956571991565_1160696775_31771531_3021261_nall the kids261978_248892261790853_100000102438074_1142312_8194264_n Sam and I and our annual picture

264942_1956578791735_1160696775_31771563_8101625_n Jimmy and Lexi lighting fireworks

264067_2015997092837_1631146817_1894616_6069406_n Cam cruisin the girls

269712_1956570671532_1160696775_31771520_2840808_n My house at night

Thank you to all the service men and women that allow us to have these blessed days.

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Judith Mae Coghill

I love you. 

I will miss you deeply.

I can’t imagine life without you.

It won’t be the same.

my heart hurts like nothing i’ve ever felt



i will try my best to get through each day without you.

i will do my best to take care of everyone as you did.

i will always love you to my core

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I love you Judy more than words can express. You have been such a huge part of my life since i was 15 years old. It seems not that long ago i was one of the kids coming to the beach and now here we are and its my kids are going to the beach. We need you to be there to yell at all of them that they need to take shorter showers and that they need to get the sand off their feet and close the gate. If you are not there…who will do that?

I need you to come home. I’m selfish. I need to be able to call you and tell you chicken is on sale, to tell you how bad that girl danced on dancing with the stars or to talk about CSI, NCIS or any other shows that we watched. Who will i call on my way home from a class? I need you to come home damn it! You are my mom. I FREAKING need you. My heart is breaking….

please please please FIGHT….we need you 

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Strawberry Fields forever…

sorry but i just had to do it. Now the song is just stuck in my head. 

I taught there on Sunday and we had a full house. So full that we did a lot of “winging” it. 🙂  They are such a hoot at that store.  Then some of the girls took me out to dinner and drinks and for a run around my hotel room. lol

DSC_0056  DSC_0058 DSC_0059

So much fun!!! Can’t wait until October!

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