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Here i am…in Hawaii for vacation with my family.  We’re used to seeing several different places so this is a bit different for us. Jimmy has never been here so he is in absolute heaven.  It is beautiful here. We have a great condo on the beach on the north shore.  We spent the whole day yesterday on the beach. Got a bit sunburned. eek. But that always happens.  Today we are headed out to Waimea Falls for a nice hike.  I’ll be glad to not lay out.

The sad thing is that i have such a hard time just relaxing. My friends keep telling me to relax and enjoy. I enjoy being busy. I don’t like to lay around and do nothing. It makes me absolutely insane. I’m trying really hard though.
I’ve found my happy place this morning. YES i brought some products with me. I couldn’t resist. Playing on the lanai overlooking the ocean with a beautiful breeze…THAT is relaxing to me.
so poo on trying to relax. i’m going to do what makes me feel good.

So do what makes you feel good!!!
ps….September 1st….good news…stay tuned
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Polkadots and More ~ Mukwonago, WI

i had THE worst time pronouncing the name of this town. lol

Polkadots and More is really cute! The classroom was nice and big and the customers were tons of fun.

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Creative Cuts and Crafts ~ Elmhurst IL

I had Friday off for a top secret mission. The outcome was good and i’m super excited!

Then off we went to Elmhurst IL to Creative Cuts and Crafts for a full day of teaching on Saturday. Classes started bright and early and 8am.  WHEW!  3 classes back to back.

Claudia (the owner) is crazy (in a good way) and has 11 guest instructors coming in.  CHA is nuts enough but adding on all those classes makes it even more insane. My hats off to Claudia.

Classes were fun.  Loved the gals that i met and i will be seeing them again soon. i’m thinking October 🙂

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Memory Bank ~ Baraboo, WI

This little town was so stinkin cute!!! It had a little square right smack dab in the middle of town. All the quaint little stores surrounded this square.  A band was setting up and coming to play and everyone comes and brings food and drinks and listens to music together. Thats the stuff i LOVE about these small towns i’m coming across in my travels.  I wish we had that.

The store was full of great stuff and Pam was a great host.  She has to take some time off due to some medical reasons and i hope that someone or many someone’s will step up and help take care of the store while she is on leave so that she doesn’t have to close her doors.

These girls were great and the classes fun!!!  Hopefully they will still be there when i come through again. 🙂

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Cruise and Crop Guest Blogger today too!!!

sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming…


I not only blogged for myself. I also blogged for Cruise and Crop!!!   I KNOW!!!!  wow.  I think my friend Michelle is rubbing off on me and I’m getting a little more organized AND focused. Can you say squirrel?! lol

So while you are checking out my stores and my travel stuff head on over to Cruise and Crop and check out my blog post. I had fun doing it.

While you are there be sure to check out the cruise we have coming up in April with Jen and I. THAT will be a blast. It’s both of our birthdays!

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Paper Chalet ~ Monroe, WI

On Tuesday it was off to Paper Chalet for some inky fun!!!

When i pulled up to this store i thought it was fabulous to see a little free standing store. We don’t see many of those anymore at home.

The store was great, the customers were great and we all had a fabulouso day!!!

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Scrapbooking Studio Part 2 – Bloomington IL

whew! I finally get to sit down and blog about my fun stores!!!

i was in Bloomington IL on Monday July 9.  This store is the sister store to Scrapbooking Studio in Moline.

This store was a ton of fun. They even showed up in dress code! Jennifer was the only brave soul. We’re bonded for life now 🙂

Can’t wait to go back to both Scrapbooking Studio‘s.
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Scrapbooking Studio ~ Moline, IL

I taught classes at Scrapbooking Studio in Moline, IL on Sunday.  What a GREAT store!!  So much fun stuff. It was hard for me to get out of there. lol
What was even better about the store was the FABULOUS staff and the FANTASTIC customers.  I had so much fun.

Thank you to everyone who took the classes and for making our day so WONDERFUL!

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A Day with Daisy Lane…

We spent all Day Saturday with Karen and her crew over at Daisy Lane in Mattoon, Il(Matt-Toon). Let me tell you it was an unexpected surprise. We knew it would be big but big does not quite describe this store. Daisy Lane is a beautiful country store filled with aisle after aisle of scrapbooking and craft goodies. along with a whole craft area of booths packed with beautiful handcrafted items.  As I travel around the country I am so lucky to be able to meet so many new people and see such unique stores in each town. Thanks Again to Daisy Lane for having me at the store for a day of inky fun!

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yes i suck at blogging

I try.

Really i do.

I suck at it but really…its my blog and i’ll blog if i want to 🙂

What’s new?



Teaching like crazy and loving every minute of it.  As a matter of fact I’m headed to Florida on the 13th for another whirlwind tour. Then i think i’m off for a month or so until my really big trip in Chicago in July. So if you’re in Florida and you want to get your ink on….look a girl up 🙂  My stops are listed under upcoming classes

At the homestead things are about as normal as possible in my life. Ups and downs and round and rounds. 2 of my kids trying to be growed ups…one not doing so well and the other…well…we’ll see.
2 graduations next month. One from high school and one from middle school.  Proud mama!!

Some really cool things in the works, amazing trips in place and lots of creativity.
Could life really get any better?

My first stop in Florida on the 15th is at Paper Niche. I’ll be teaching 2 classes.  Tatttered Tips and Techniques and Creative Canvas.  Here is a sample of one of the classes…

Hope you can come by and play with us! Its going to be a ton of fun.

You can call the store at 954-577-0999 to reserve your spot.

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