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When life gives you lemons…make lemonade :)

Sure…we’re going through tough times right now but it all happens for a reason. No we don’t always know the reason or even like the outcome but it really is for a reason. 

My oldest son gives me more craziness than all 5 of my kids put together.  I never give up on him, i love him unconditionally and i PRAY ALOT.  Sometimes (more often than not) he sways from the path that the Lord has set for him and i still pray he’ll find his way.  Today he told me he went to church and received communion. I swear I fell out of my chair. I had to call my BFF Michelle and tell her. We both got teary eyed and were both in shock.   I cannot even begin to describe how elated i was.  I don’t think he’s received communion since he received his First Holy Communion all those years ago. (he’s 24 now). Years ago he did the whole rebellious teen thing…told me he didn’t believe in God any more, quit going to church etc… I just kept telling him that i have enough faith for the both of us that he would find his way back home.

I think he’s finding his way. Slowly. But baby steps are good. I’m thankful and grateful for any step

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Happy Sunday!

Its a beautiful day out!  I’m done with the boogers and bullies. They can go play with each other. I’m not going to let them get me down any longer!  

Life it too short. 

I have a great life and i love every minute of it. I’m not going to stop being who I am or what I believe in because they don’t.  I’m a good person and that’s all i have to say about that!

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support and friendship. You guys rock!

Now get out and enjoy this fabulous Sunday!

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Life is hard sometimes

Why is that?

I work hard, volunteer harder, I try to be the best person I can and still…life can be hard. People are mean because they need to control everything and it does nothing but hurt people. Why? What the heck is the point?

I’m so emotionally drained that i can’t see straight. I just want this week to end…

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Happy Birthday Auntie M

I miss you terribly.

I love you deeply.

You would be 61 today.  Hard to believe.

Give papa and gma a kiss for me.

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life is good…

Life is good and i’m getting back into the swing of things.

Classes are getting done and setup, vacation plans are coming along nicely and Derek will be home in 2 weeks. We’ve got lots to do when he gets home. i can’t wait.  Surprises, surprises 🙂

i’m even going to be a better blogger.

the past month has just been crazy so life can resume 🙂

so happy….

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CHA stuff is comin down the chute!!!

so excited to see the new designs coming out. I’m picking up my first box of goodies this week.

I love this time of year!

Bella is starting to smile real smiles now. They are so sweet.  I just can’t get enough of that girl…

her is some Bella yumminess for your viewing pleasure…



This is totally her new BFF!!!

gosh i love that girl <3 

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Happy Halloween!

Its so hard to grasp the fact that it is the last day of October.  WOW

We had our Halloween Hoedown last night and i have to say it was so much fun and went off without a hitch. There were just a couple of “issues” and those will be dealt with but overall…perfection.

I bought my granddaughter the cutest sweetest pink bunny suit. 

She didn’t like it much.  Poor sweet thing. It didn’t help that it was 80 degrees today. lol

Devin and Lexi dressed up. They looked cute.

My little hippy and pink punk pirate.  We trick or treated the neighborhood and then home to bed.

Lexi wanted a friend to stay over but her mother said no AGAIN. She’s afraid i might her hurt kids or something.  WhatEV

Now i’m packing up my kits for my class tomorrow….

if you’re in the area and want to get scrappy….Come to Once Upon a Memory in Huntington Beach.   

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do i wanna blog today?

no not really. lol

don’t have alot to say.  Well i really do but i might offend someone and i wouldn’t want them to cry.

So lets share a picture of my beautiful bella 🙂 


I love being a grandma 🙂

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where did the time go?

here at our house we are all so excited over having a new baby around that it felt as though time wasn’t moving. 

Tonight that stand still went racing past me at high speed. Kelcee has a boyfriend now named Dylan. Very very nice boy. Well he asked her to homecoming and tonight was the night.  Jessa did her hair and her makeup and she put on her (way too short) little black dress. I realize she is going to be 15 in 15 days but holy crap she looked like she was 17-18.  ugh.  She looked stunningly beautiful and at that very moment i came to the harsh reality that my baby is growing up. 🙁

here is Kelcee trying to figure out how to put on Dylan’s boutonniere. It was so cute. None of us knew how to do it. His mom finally figured it out. 


and here they are ready to go and ready for us moms to quit taking photos.


Jeni, Lindsay, Jimmy and I all stood outside like a bunch of dorks and watched them drive off waving like fools. 🙂

Have fun Kelcee.  I love you <3 <3

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who knew?

I never ever thought i could love something as much as i love my own children.

Then….along came Isabella. A new love in my life.  I keep telling my son (Bella’s daddy) that i’m head over heels in love with his little girl. Its an incredible feeling.


She’s just so stinkin precious…. 

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