whirlwind of a week…

Finally i get to sit down! 

the 4 kids and i arrived in Ft. Lauderdale Wednesday morning after a nice easy red eye flight.  From there we drove to Orlando and checked into our FABULOUS resort. We stayed in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath villa at Bahama Bay Resort. They stayed and hung out while I went up to Pictures in TIme  in Orange Park.  Had a great class there and drove back to Orlando. We spent all day Thursday at Disney World. We weren’t impressed.  We like our Disney better.  Lots more stuff and the rides are longer. 

We drove to Cape Coral to teach at a GREAT store…Strawberry Fields.  Had the best time.

Back to Miami area on Saturday morning to teach 2 classes at Cherry Blossom studio.  Met some awesome girls.  I had a fun fun time and i’m really ready for vacation now.

We picked up dad, kelly, and Jimmy on Saturday night. Had a nice dinner. Picked up Megan at 0’dark thirty this morning and….

NOW we’re ready to cruise!!!

Caribbean here we come!!!

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