facebook frenzy

oh me oh my!  I told my kids they could have facebook accounts so they could play all the silly games.  Now they’re addicted. lol  Now they’re friending all sorts of people and people of other peoples people. CRAZY kids.  I told them only immediate family and a few friends from school and leave it at that.  Face book can bring a whole world of drama and weirdos and i don’t want that for them.  I really didn’t even want them on facebook at this age but daddy said it would be ok. We’ll see. lol  

Summer is here and in full swing 🙂  Kelcee started summer school yesterday and will go 2 days a week. Not so bad.  2-3 days a week are what we call our adventure days. We will set out on adventures to different places we’ve never been or maybe been to before and really liked. Today was supposed to be day 1 of our adventure but daddy ended up with the day off so we postponed today’s adventure until Thursday and everyone (except me) went to the beach.  I cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed. Can you feel the joy?  It was quiet for a while 🙂  Now they’re back home.  Maybe a nice bike ride and then figure out what we will have for dinner.  The kids have been each taking a turn cooking from all our new cookbooks.  They love doing that.  Its been fun to see what each kid comes up with. 

We’re all on vacation count down. 28 days. Can’t wait.  I’m a little bummed we didn’t stick with the original plan of going to London, Paris, Spain and then cruising the Mediterranean, but that whole ash cloud thing FREAKED me out. So i cancelled it all and re-routed us back to the Caribbean. The kids and i are going 5 days earlier than Jimmy, my dad and step mom and we’re staying in Florida. We’re going to be on our “adventure” and i will also teach at 3 stores. Everyone else flies in Saturday and we board the ship on Sunday for a week.  After the cruise we will spend a few days in the Florida Keys. Its crazy making sure everything is in order for 9 people.  WOW.  But it will be sooo much fun.  Can’t wait.

On the scrappy front…classes, classes and more classes.  thats all i have to say about that!

<-------------------------------------see them there

peace out homers…enjoy the day <3

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