oh boy! What a day

we started the day a bit rough. We woke a little late and confused. Daylight savings and crazy alarm clocks and 2 dorky blondes….need i say more?
Got to the airport… dropping luggage.  Skycab chasing us to let us know our trunk was a mere 86 pounds.  damn.  hurry.  rearrange all luggage.  Ok. All 6 bags are now 70lbs each. Hurry.  Get to your gate.  RUNNING to the farthest gate ever made. Closing doors. gave tickets away.  schmooze gate lady…RUNNING to the tarmac to get on plane.  Yes WE were THOSE people.  whew.  short nap.

Omaha!!! now we have our car.  Headed to Oklahoma City.  Don’t ask.

so here we are….

After a full day of driving we made it to Oklahoma City! We will be at Paper Crown (March 13) tomorrow.
If you live in the area you should come and get inky with us!!! Its going to be so much fun!!!
Thelma & Louise…
err….Stayce & Shawna
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