Holidays are here…

WOW! that was fast.  Its been such a whirlwind the past few months that it feels weird to be so mellow right now. It was awkward at first to be sitting with not much to do. I’m settling in though. It feels really good to be home. 

So now the holidays are here.  I’ve gotten just a bit of shopping done. Major stuff mostly. This year i’ve decided to go lite. last year we were really spoiled so this year we are toning it down.  I haven’t done as much decorating this year because Jimmy has been working on the house and every time i put something up…he took it down. Turkey butt.  But the house looks fabulous.  We painted and redid a bit of the front of the house. We put in a new driveway and added a bunch of rock out front. it doesn’t even look like my house.


We’re having a party Saturday night. So not ready for that either. But getting there.

Jimmy and i decided that we are going to NYC for New Years Eve. We’ve been home for so many years with the kids that we thought this is our chance to have a good time away from home.  I’m super excited.

Lots of life going on.  Can’t wait to share more.


Peach, Love and Glimmery kisses

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