time to blog…

i always say i’m going to blog and i really mean it, but something always comes up and i set it aside.

so tonight i will blog. Jimmy is engrossed in some dumb shoot em up movie, Jessa is out for her Birthday dinner with friends, Kelcee is at winter formal, Lexi is at dinner with the Mattsons, Derek is in the jungle of Hawaii and Devin is dead tired from Lacrosse today (and from staying up too late at his friends last night)…so its just me and my blog.

I will do several posts over the next few days since January was such a busy month.

So many good things i don’t know where to start.

Sketch…my loverly kitty.  He is doing phenomenal!  Walking, moving his tail, potty’ing on his own…doesn’t get any better than that. He has his last check up on Tuesday. If all is good then i don’t have to supervise his every move.  YAY me.

New York! The whole family went to New York over Martin Luther King weekend. There was 8 of us. We spent our first day at my uncle’s house in New Jersey. It had been awhile since i had seen him and my cousin.  We had such a great time. My cousin took us sledding, we ate pizza and hung out and visited. The kids LOVED Rich (my cousin) and now he’s in contact with my daughters through texting. We told him come visit us this summer. He said he would.  

DSC_0079 This is the whole group minus Megan. Someone had to take the photo.

Here are some shots throughout the day. I love the old house and all the snow. GREAT photo ops.

DSC_0004 My uncle made this for my aunt.
DSC_0004  pathway to their garage. It looks alot like the one we had growing up. It always had a sign on the door that said “no girls allowed”
DSC_0004  Lexi’s snow angel

DSC_0010 Gorgeous icicles
DSC_0010 Rich and Jessica
DSC_0010 Rich sledding down the hill

DSC_0025 nice face plant by the girls
DSC_0025 We always document the city and date wherever we go
DSC_0025 on the way back to the city we stopped in philadelphia

We arrived in Time Square where we were staying Friday night and it was on! We were ready to see the sights.


to be continued….

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